Monday, February 6, 2017

Unveiling: the Weekly StockPhotoSet!

With more and more entrepreneurs following their dreams and opening up their own diners, boutique cupcake bakeries and hand-carved chocolate cafes, we know you'll need some great photos to outfit that awesome interior. But we also know it's brutal to look through all those photos yourself and hunt them down when you're too busy between blogging and baking and business-ing. So starting this week, we'll be putting our own stock photography batch bundles for your use and inspiration!

Introducing the...

Every second Wednesday we'll be scouring free stock photography sites such as Unsplash,, and Freestock, to bring your our top 5 favourites for your growing business or office! These ones are all A-OK to print and hang in your commercial space, and are all high enough in DPI to print on large canvas sizes. Just download them from our Dropbox link!

Ready to order? Some of our recommendations for business decor are canvases and plaque mounts. If you're in an especially modern environment, then our glossy metal prints would also look impressive!

Got your piece and ready to hang it? Snap us a photo, we'd love to see you and business in all its splendor! Post it to our Facebook group!

See you all this Wednesday for the release of the first batch!

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Whether you're looking to jazzy up your brand on instagram or decorating the new coffeshop, stock photography is one of the ways to find and express what you're looking for, without needing to take the photo yourself. 

Of course, looking through numerous stock photography sites can be extremely expensive and confusing. While there are some excellent stock photography sites that licence their images for free even for commercial use and distribution, it also takes ages to comb through all the awesome choices before picking the couple few that perfectly accentuate your brand.

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