Thursday, February 23, 2017

Frames Focus: Gold Floater Frames

Everywhere you look, gold seems to be like the in color at the moment. Gold tips on minimalist furniture, gilded edging on boxes and decor, a splash of 24K for a bit of New Year's glitter every day. 

Not going to lie, we love it too.

No, seriously. Look how shinneee!
From top to bottom: GB24, GD445, GE573, GD315, GE456, 

For today's focus, we've decided to feature our Gold Canvas Floaters. Canvas floaters are an especially modern looking type of framing style. Since the canvas slipped in and adhered to the back wall, the final appearance is that the canvas is "floating" within the frame. Not visually overly decadent, canvas floater frames are a perfect choice for that gold minimalist look.

Made from wood, these frames are gilded and hand-joined together, making them a bit of a work of art in of themselves. They're also lightweight but very strong, and bring a warmer touch to pieces than metal frames. Their reflections are less jarring in comparison to metal frames, making them ideal frames for taking photos in.

Like to check them out? You can find all our frames on our custom-made frames section here! Simply input the artwork dimensions and we will figure out the rest.

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