Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[New!] Nielsen Metal Frames!

Looking for a frame that is lightweight, versatile, and easy to assemble or store away? A frame style that is sleek, posh and sophisticated? Look no further, we have got you covered!

Our newest additions of colored metal frames.

Metal frames have been around for a while. They were originally made by a framer named Donald Hubert after a museum conference in 1967. Their purpose was to be sturdy, lightweight and easy to dismantle so that artworks from the Art Institute of Chicago could be loaned out to other institutions and exhibitions. Nowadays, they can be found in virtually any space, but especially in those where the artwork needs constant changing - offices, retail spaces, museums. 

New metal frames in traditional colors.

Traditionally metal frames could only be made in either silver or black, polished or brushed. However, Nielsen's new line of metal frames showcase a brand new array of profiles, colors, and finishes. We now carry metal frames in green, blue and red, and even a very convincing wood finish!

Look at this awesome convincingly good wood finish!

3/8" Contrast Grey

5/16" Silver

7/8" German Silver

3/8" Frosted Gold

7/16" Antique Gold

5/16" Gold

7/8 Florentine Walnut

7/8 Florentine Gold

7/16 Frosted Walnut

7/16 Walnut

These new gold ones are my absolute favorite. The chrome undertone makes for a very modern and sophisticated touch-  reminds me of champagne.

What are some benefits of a metal frame?

  • Affordable: Aluminum mouldings tend to be less expensive than wood, and are also lighter to transport. Since they are easy to assemble upon arrival, they can be packaged and shipped in lengths.  
  • Easy to assemble: To put a metal frame together, the only equipment needed is screwdriver, as opposed to wooden frames (which are joined by wood glue, staples, and clamps) and require time for setting.
  • Extremely versatile: Modern metal frames come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, profiles and finishes. Lengths of the same metal profile can also be interchanged with one another and combined to create different dimensions as needed.
  • Easy to store: When not in use, metal frames can be disassembled and condensed into any slim place.  
  • Durable: Made with anodized aluminum, metal frames are corrosion and wear-resistant, making it more able to withstand rust and oxidation
  • Archival use: Aluminum is an inert material that does not out-gas or contain acids, eliminating the need to seal the rabbet when doing conservation framing 

Just align...
And screw it in!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Photographing Your Artwork at Home - Our Tips

Before you have your work scanned for print reproduction, you're bound to want to post the product first. In order to make sure your customers get the best idea of your artwork, excellent, accurate photography is key.

Although these tips are to help you capture your artwork better via photograph, these photographic files should not be used for reproduction.  No matter how visually accurate the colors may appear, a photograph will always capture slight hues and glares that may still influence the print after editing. Therefore, we always recommend you do scans of your artwork, as these scans are edited and tested to ensure that the printers produce color that is as accurate as possible to the original.

1. Center your artwork.

This may be a no brainer, but having your artwork square and centre helps anchor the viewer and the image. Try making sure your camera is aligned so that it is parallel to the artwork - not tilting forward or back, to get the clearest shot.

2. Take clear shots. 

Best way to guarantee this: use a tripod. Better yet, take photos with a proper camera with adjustable lenses, as point-and-shoot functions on cameras can focus incorrectly, and you have less control to manipulate them.

3. Don't use camera flash.

Although this seems counter-productive, camera-flashes often over-expose the artwork in front of it. Instead, take a photo with natural light in the room - with the artwork by a window, or outside on a cloudy day, for best color clarity.

4. Resin or coat after photography.

If you're planning on coating or resinging your painting, do it after you have taken a photo of the matte version. Otherwise, the your reflection may be captured in the resin, or the coating will bounce back any natural light into your camera.

5. Use proper lighting and exposure.

If access to overcast skies or natural sunlight is not possible, try making your own lightboxes at home. Also, make sure the settings on your phone camera are adjusted for the light you have - this way you won't overexpose your artwork, and you'll be able to better tweak it in your app's editing software.

We hope this helped! Have any other tips to share for your at-home shooting that we've missed? Let us know in the comments below! Used our tips and ready to print? Upload your file today!


KeenArt Media is a family-owned printing company specializing in fine art prints and reproduction services. Whether it's for the home or for the gallery, we have you covered.  Inquire today!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Printing Logos for Office Decor

There's nothing that symbolizes a business's values and practice better than a logo. But why stop at just marketing materials? A large piece of art with your business' name in the foyer or reception area makes a huge impact on customers: that you're proud of your business, that its identity is worth hugely celebrating.

So when it comes to printing logos for office decor, we have a few tips to make your order easier. We'll talk about file size and set up, as well as the pro and cons of the most common choices of printing for office decor.

An example of a company's core values printed onto canvas.

File Size + Setup

When looking for a file to send us, there are two options:
  • A raster (or .jpeg) file
  • a vector file (anything ending in .ai, .svg, .eps)
If you have a .jpeg file, you will have to check in with your graphic designer (or us) to see if it is has enough information to be printed at the size you're looking for. 

If your graphic designer has already placed the logo in a file with a background and has set it to the size it will be printed at, then it should be high enough quality. Their file should also have a bleed (for edges), and set in Adobe RGB

If neither of these options are possible, please send us the logo in a vector format. This will allow us to scale the logo up without losing any quality or information.  We can quickly put together a mock up for you and send you a proof before we proceed with printing.

Choose Your Material

Depending on the look you are going for, some materials will be a better fit than others. Here are some of our recommendations and why:

  • Canvas - With canvas, you can't go wrong. Traditional, warm, and coated with UV-protected finishes, the colors of your logo will remain vibrant and vivid for years to come. Lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to clean (just wipe the dust off with microfibre cloth). An excellent long-term solution. They can also be ordered in custom sizes, to fit whatever space you need to fill. 

  • Plaque Mounting - A little more formal, but definitely has a more "sign-like" appeal. With beveled edges and your choice of color, plaque mountings are a little more conservative, informational, and polished. They are also finished with a soft matte-laminate, which makes the colors vibrant while also easy to clean. They have a little more permanence and are not as easy to hang as canvases, but make excellent, official impressions. They can also be ordered in custom sizes, to fit whatever space you need to fill. 

  • Metal Prints - If you're looking for something much more modern, metal prints are now all the rage. They function just like plaque mounts, and are durable as well as scratch resistant. They are also much more lightweight than plaques, and have a clean, border-less edge. However, they are only available in standard sizes. They also come in two different finishes: white gloss and clear gloss. With white gloss, the images are bright and saturated. With clear gloss finish, the metallic texture will be more dominant, and will be seen in any area of the picture that is white. An excellent choice for businesses with a tech or lightspeed edge, or software start-ups.
Got your files ready? Let's get started! 

KeenArt Media is a family-owned printing company specializing in fine art prints and reproduction services. Whether it's for the home or for the gallery, we have you covered.  Inquire today!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Photo-Tex Adhesive Fabric

Did we mention that we've been uploading new videos to our channel? Make sure you check us out!

One of the products we've recently featured is our Photo-Tex Removable Adhesive.  It's got a lovely canvas-like texture, with an adhesive backing to stick on any surface. It can be used not once, not twice, but multiple times - which makes it a great option for wall murals, posters and signs.
What else can it do? It's also water-resistant, weather-resistant, doesn't tear or wrinkle and dries instantly.

If you've got an artwork file ready, head on over to USAOnCanvas and order today!


KeenArt Media is a family-owned printing company specializing in fine art prints and reproduction services. Whether it's for the home or for the gallery, we have you covered.  Inquire today!
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

5 Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Frame

We know that sometimes picking frames can be a bit tricky. With so many different colors, textures, widths and styles to choose from, there's a lot of different factors to juggle all at once. So we're sharing our tips to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Decide What is the Final Size Needed

This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but when picking frames, you need make sure the final result matches where you are planning on hanging it. Otherwise, you risk finding a beautiful frame, but its final size is either too small or too big for any of your spaces. So find the wall you'd like to hang your picture, and roughly measure how large you'd like it to be. 

2. Decide if You Need a Matboard

Once you have the final size figured out, you can start to narrow in on what combinations you can make with your artwork, matboard and frame. What is the size of your artwork? Does it need a matboard, or will a frame be enough? How thick should the frame be? 
Some tips for deciding if you need a matboard: matboards are generally more traditional, and help give more air and focus to a particular piece. You may want to consider a matboard if you:
  • have a smaller print that you would like to feature in a larger frame size (ie, a 8x10 picture but in an 11x14 frame)
  • have a particularly special piece or an original artwork that you would like to preserve - matboards help keep the plexiglass away from the artwork. This is especially helpful with artworks that have lots of textures and mediums such as chalk, pastel, etc, that may leave residue on the plexiglass resting on top of it.
  • have a signature wall or decor color you'd like to highlight - matboards are an excellent way to help harmonize a room with a pop of color

3. Pick Your Frame Style

Finally, the part that you wanting to get to to begin with! Now that you have an idea of the final combination you're going for, you can finally start considering which style of frame you want. Are you planning on going:
  • Modern? If so, consider pairing your white/off-white matboards with sleek, slim designs, such as thin metal frames. Or, if you have a larger piece, consider white minimalist wood frames in solid, matte finishes.
  • Traditional? If so, consider choosing a matboard of color to harmonize and enrichen your piece. Oil paintings, for example, often have many rich, deep ochres or ombre tints to them, which pair nicely with matboards with darker colors, such as plum, raspberry, rust, etc. If going for a dark matboard, try to keep your frame more basic. Conversely, if you would like to go for a more ornate frame (think gold or with lots of details), try to pick a softer, neutral matboard.
(To help you get started, here are some of our more popular frame styles:)
GA152 Black Satin
GB207 Gold Leaf Legacy
GC359 Kyoto White

4. Play Around with Sizes

Once you have an idea of colors and proportions, play around with them to see what hits the spot. You can use our online calculator with accompanying visual graphics to get a sense of how your matboard and frame are interacting. 

5. Have fun! 

Picking out picture frames doesn't have to be daunting. Like trying on new clothes, it can be a creative experience mixing and matching. For a better idea, you can also visit our youtube channel to see the different textures and finishes, or order corner samples to match with your picture. (Your corner samples become free if you end up purchasing a final big-sized frame from us!)
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fine Art Paper Showcase

When it comes to reproducing artwork, choosing the right paper is a huge deal. With different weights, textures, tones, it can be hard to pick the right one to communicate the "whole package" to a client, or to capture the full essence of your artwork. Below we list some of the characteristics of our best selling fine-art paper to help you choose.

These are our top 3 bestsellers: the Enhanced Matte paper, the Hahnemuhle Photo-Rag, and the Hahnemuhle German Etching.

Enhanced Matte

The most economic, smooth and bright, the enhanced matte is our most popular option. Though it is not archival in quality, its brightness and wide gamut allows for a very rich saturation of colors. Thus, this paper is a universally excellent choice...especially for images that really "pop", such as bold, matte graphics, bright portrait photography, or smooth, rich typography.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

This is our most popular archival paper. Like the enhanced matte, it has a very smooth coverage that compliments virtually any image. It is slightly heavier in weight and of a pleasant, distinct thickness. It is uncoated, with a very subtle texture that's evocative of hot-pressed watercolor paper, which harmonizes very well with artworks in traditional mediums. An image printed on Photo Rag has the feeling of being nearly like the original - sturdy, polished, and hand-pressed with love.

Hahnemuhle German Etching

If you would like an even heavier and more textured choice than the Photo Rag, we recommend our German Etching paper. With a substantial thickness and coarseness akin to cold-pressed watercolor paper or rougher, the German Etching is an excellent choice for those who really want to capture that "original" look and feel. Because of its rough texture, it isn't capable of capturing as wide of a color gamut as the other papers - so we recommend going with German Etching if you have paintings with rich, dark colors, as opposed to light, gentle washes.

Specialty Fine Art Papers: Moabs, Baryta and William Turner

For those thinking more outside the box, we also have 4 additional specialty papers. Each have been tailored to suit a more specific need or purpose, which we will get into here.

 Moab Entrada, Bright and Natural

The Moab series is an excellent archival match to the Enhanced Matte paper. It is similar in weight, with a very wide gamut, and comes in either warm or bright whiteness. Because of its wide gamut, I would recommend the Moab for any work that has soft colors, gradients, transparencies, etc, as it is capable of capturing that subtlety.  The Moab Bright especially provides excellent contrast for black-and-white work.

Though uncoated, there is a rich, smooth feel to it, evocative of vellum. Though its color and brightness are a win, most artists tend to prefer the Photo-Rag for its slightly thicker density and weight.

Baryta and William Turner

The Baryta is an interesting paper. It is extremely heavy and glazed with a thick coating that enhances the richness of the colors beneath. Its gamut is also very wide, and is excellent for black and white or rich photography. That being said, sometimes the gloss can be a little rigid and off-putting, reserved only for very specific circumstances.

The William Turner is similar to the German Etching, but consider it as its ultimate, Hulked-out brother. Extremely thick and sturdy, one can definitely feel the amount of pulp that was hard-pressed to make it. Its texture is also rich and riddled, excellent for recreating oil paintings and acrylics. However, because it's texture is so thick, it is harder for the printer to capture the same range in its gamut.

 And there you have it, our condensed, more poetic take on our Fine Art papers. If you'd like to learn about their specifications in more detail, visit our website here!

To experience these papers yourself, we do also sell a sample pack of not just the Fine Art papers, but the photographic ones too! Pop one into your cart here for $29 + shipping and handling.


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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

From all of us here at UsaOnCanvas, happy Valentine's Day!


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