Thursday, February 2, 2017

Artist + Promo: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

With February already underway, there's a special date rising on the horizon. Whether you're planning a cozy night in or a bouquet of flowers, it's a wonderful day to cherish and enjoy the people and things you love in life. 

And for those of you who are planning on something even more special (or have a ring in your pocket!) - have we've got a thematic post for you today!

Artprint by Blacklist Studio 

Today's artists' feature are all inspired by those whose love truly for their passions sparkle and shine - with their massive and intricately detailed macro reproductions of diamonds, jewels and facets.

Diamond B, oil on linen, 2010

Hailing from Japan but based in the Netherlands, Hidenori Mitsue has an impressive collection of vivid, vibrant, and incredibly energetic work. Her work of Diamond B captures the dynamic dance of light and fire within the diamond's facets...a truly evocative and stunning piece.  

With a fantastic eye for crisp lines and geometric shapes, Kurt Pio is one of my favourites. His collection of macro jewel paintings range from clear brilliant diamonds to citrine-shaded marquis stones and regent sapphires. 

Juliette, Oil on Canvas, 36x36, 2016

With her razor-sharp hyperrealism and subtle blends of lustrous color, Angie Crabtree's macro diamond oil paintings are breathlessly bedazzling. Using painting techniques that were once reserved for royalty, Angie's work explores the concept of modern luxury.You can find her prints on high end leather wallets and as prints, but you can also contact her directly for special commission pieces, such as engagement diamonds and anniversary stones, etc. 

Thinking of gifting a bejewelled art piece of your own? At USAOnCanvas, we have premium luster, premium glossy, premium semigloss, metallic paper for a crisp and colorful diamond-clear look and feel. If you're inspired by Kurt Pio's work, we also sell round canvases for painting and for canvas prints. And for a limited time only, use the coupon code MYLOVE to receive 20% off regular priced canvas and photo prints!

No matter what you choose to gift this Valentine's, we hope you enjoy the warmth of the day and that you partake in all that you love. Whether it be with your significant other, close friend, or just yourself, let your love and passion shine bright like a diamond!

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