Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beach Vacations: The Best Depictions of Beaches in Art History

Is everyone back from the vacation? Or are there anyone cannot wait to leave for a late vacation for this summer? For those who are stuck at the office yet or who are back at the office, we would like to show you some amazing depictions of beaches in art history (both classical and modern) to cool you down a little bit. I know, the paintings and the sculptures themselves are very refreshing and calming but they will be inevitably much better in person. You can find the exact location of each pieces on the captions in the link below that directs you to the best depictions of beaches in art history lists so that you will know where to go for your next vacation!

Pablo Picasso On the Beach (La Baignade), 1937

Of course, the first piece of art HAS to be by Pablo Picasso. Do you want to know what's next? For the following list of beach paintings and sculptures, please visit artnet News link below.

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