Thursday, May 12, 2011

Classic Art giclees

At USA on Canvas we understand the importance of art. Art can brighten a room, it can be like a friend that you greet everyday, and it came make you happy, calm your mind, or make you think. USA on Canvas knows that artistic ability is not restricted to a few 'geniuses'. We know this because every day we create stunning canvas pieces from photos and images created by our customers. We also host an Online Art Gallery of American artists, a place where artists can display their work on line and have it printed on demand by us. We believe that the single best thing about Giclee printing is that it can help make art available to everyone.

We know that art, specifically painting and drawing, has a long history and glorious history. Painters like Klimt, Van Gogh, and Renoir are still loved today for the striking, beautiful, and sometimes unsettling images they created. Many of these images have become iconic, like William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "First Kiss", but there are many many more images by these same artists that are more obscure, but just as interesting and just as beautiful.

To view a selection of some of the best classic art of the past, visit the Classic Art Gallery at, where we have a of high resolution images of many great artists. The best part is, all of these images can be ordered as a giclee canvas print in a variety of sizes for only the price of the print. Because we use the highest quality of inks and canvas, and high resolution files of these classic art images, the canvas prints we make for you are as close as possible to owning the original painting.

Of course not everyone can own an original Monet or Cezanne, in fact, most people think it is better for these treasures of mankind to be kept in museums, so that everyone can enjoy them once in a while. But at the same, time, a treasured painting is somthing you want to be able to see every day, not just once in a while. Fine art printing can let you own the painting for a tiny fraction of the the cost, and also allows and unlimited number of people to own the same painting, without taking away from the enjoyment of others. This is made possible due to fine art scanning technology, which convert the colors and brush strokes to digital information so that it can be reproduced digitally. The power to convert and image to digital has greatly increased the availability of fine art to its audience. A great example of this is the Google Art project, which has digitized and mapped dozens of galleries and thousands of artworks.

Digital images are great, but no one wants to look at a painting on a computer screen for very long. This is where giclee printing comes in. Before it was possible to print on canvas, the only way to hang a classic art piece in your own home was either to be a millionaire, or to purchase a poster print of the classic work. Paper, however, lacks the physical presence and texture of a classic painting. The giclee process has allowed printers a much greater choice in the materials they print on, and many companies not make canvas for the giclee process this canvas can be stretched in exactly the same manner in which artists and their assistants once stretched the canvas on which they worked. A canvas print is one step closer to the look and feel of the original and for this reason it has become a popular choice for art reproduction among artist and art lovers.

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