Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5 Tips for Caring for Your Canvas

There's no better feeling than unboxing a beautiful piece of art and hanging it just so on the wall. But now that you have this fantastic piece of valuable canvas art, how to maintain it? We have 5 tips below for caring for your canvas print.

1. Keep It Out of the Sun

All of our canvases are sprayed with a special UV resistant coating that sets the ink within the canvas. However, it is still best to keep it out of direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting, as continued exposure can degrade through the coating over time.

2. Clean with a soft, microfibre cloth, or feather duster. 

No force is necessary; just gently wipe to dust, or dampen the cloth with a little water if need be. Make sure not to press as you skim over the center, as this is where the canvas is most vulnerable. Do not use any chemicals when cleaning, as this can react with the UV coating and damage it. Dusting daily is also recommended, as it helps prevent dust buildup that may eventually be harder to clean.

3. Keep It Out of Hot and Wet Environments

Humidity, heat and air pollutants can damage the canvas and inks. To avoid this, keep your canvas out of kitchens, bathrooms, or heat sources such as air vents, air conditioners, and radiators. For bathroom and kitchen decorating, we recommend framed fine art prints, which are protected by plexiglass. In general, keep such artwork out of heat, sunlight and moisture as much as possible.

4. Hold Onto the Sides When Moving

Sometimes canvases have to be moved, and in which case we always recommend holding the print by the wooden stretcher frames inside. Do not lean anything against either the front or the back of the canvas, as it can stretch the fabric, create a dent, or worse, tear it.

5. Spray Behind the Dents

In the event that dents are unavoidable, there is a simple solution to minimizing it. Simply spray the back of the canvas with a bit of water where the dent is, and leave it overnight to 24 hours. By then, the moisture should help reset the fibers and sooth out the dent.



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