Thursday, October 5, 2017

Explosive with Feeling: A Watercolor Artists Feature

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It's been a while since we've featured some art on our blog. We know right now one of the biggest art trend is the whole expressive, explosive, and super colorful watercolor art. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine why this particular art style has taken the world by storm - it's individualistic, freeing, and embraces mistakes and instinct. As writer Miriam Harris wrote on digitalartsonline:

"Society is craving raw emotion, unfiltered imperfection, individuality and non-manufactured...visual trends"

Given how tumultuous, mediated, instantaneous and hi-tech the world currently is, it makes sense that art that captures inhibition and unapologetic acceptance is here to stay. And since watercolor is especially hard to fix or edit, no other medium can properly capture this sentiment in quite the same way. So here are some of our favourite watercolor pieces and artists we'd love to recommend:

Main Website Gallery / Youtube 

CocoBee is a Canadian artist and aspiring doctor. Having used watercolors in art therapy  as a means of recovery, she knows first-hand how powerful watercolors are as a medium to self healing. Her work, mixed in with videography and music, encourage freedom, gentle relaxation, and inspiration for mental health. Below are a few of her most recent watercolor abstract pieces:


Embrace Formlessness, by CocoBee

Mindful Expressions, by CocoBee

Only The Beginning, by CocoBee

To buy her prints, please visit her website at

Agnes Cecile
Main Website Gallery / Youtube 

Anges Cecile is an Italian professional and traditional artist. Where Cocobee's arts are vibrant, pulsing and serene, Cecile's portraiture and delicate lines capture rawness, motion, and expressions that penetrate deeply into the soul. With cool tones and transparent blends, Cecile's subjects are impassioned, surreal and temporary: a figment of a pure spirit, before dissipating between into air.

Wake Of Herself by Agnes Cecile

Razza Falena by Agnes Cecile

About A New Place by Agnes Cecile

You can watch her painting time lapses on her Youtube channel here.

Main Website Gallery

Elena Shved is a hobbyist artist, but her handle on form and shadows is most impressive. Her pieces are colorful and expressive, but also have a gentleness and innocence about them. They are unapologetic and can be powerful, but also shy and delicate. She also does fantastic realistic renderings of horses as her subject, adding to the sense of peace and calm.

7 by Elena Shved

1 by Elena Shved

22 Flying Horse by Elena Shved

And there you have it! Which one of these were your favorites? Do you know of any other watercolorists we should feature? Or perhaps yourself? Send us an email!

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