Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wonderful Wedding Gift and Decor Ideas

As the sun rolls out and we're seeing all this beautiful weather, there's something else beautiful we're seeing too - many beautiful brides getting married!

If you're still looking for some last minute touches for your receptions, here are some artistic ideas we've seen our brides order:

Canvas prints

This is a classic staple. usually engagement photos are ordered for these, to showcase by the doors as guests come in. Sometimes couples ask them to sign it as well!

Original Photo by

Plaque mounts

Plaque mounts make for a great way for signing, rather than an album book. Smooth and durable, it is easy to write on and the sharpie ink will not bleed. Plaque mounts are also great for certificates - why not preserve your marriage certificate permanently by mounting it within a plaque?

TextArt in Frames

Sometimes you want to just sum up what you and your beau are all about, and the things that keep you two together. We also do TextArt designs - just send us the words you're looking to have written, personalized just for you, and we can design it for you. We can also frame it! A poetic way to commemorate your togetherhood.

TextArt sample by

Personalized Canvas Print with TextArt; image sourced from

And there we are! Have any customizable ideas you would like to try with us? Let us know by emailing or calling us below.


KeenArt Media is an online fine art printing and framing company, specializing in canvas, archival and photographic prints and reproductions. We are proud to serve and support artists from all over the US. 

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