Monday, November 7, 2016

Artist: Clever Photo Manipulations By Francesco Vullo

Francesco Vullo is Sicily born artist who studied at Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, where he just graduated in illustration and animation in July 2016. Congratulations!

Vullo's works reflects contemporary culture with messages of social criticism. The artist juxtaposes the visualization of the world/society/culture with something else in surreal representations to communicate with emotions. Although Vullo uses bright vivide colors to his works, the inner meaning of each pieces are never stays light or shallow, meaning that the artist is playing with the idea of juxtaposition in both of the content and visuals of his works.

I found it exciting to first look at Vullo's visually pleasing manipulated photographs and then to analyze the internal meaning of the images. Try to come up with your own interpretation or to find the artist's intended message for each pieces of work. :)

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